Here are some pics of the goodies that have been unloaded from the first container

click on pic for gallery




Well people have been asking about the return trip that was done to IPB.

So here are some before and after pictures.

Click on the pictures to bring up the galleries

The parts will all be listed on Pinball Spare Parts once they arrive and are sorted







I have had requests for some pictures of Gene’s machines that were taken on Mark’s last trip to IPB

So here are some more pics of the trip. Click on picture for the Gallery





Another container arrived holding 80 pinballs.

Quite a few Gottliebs and some nice Addams and a few nice other ones

Just a few pic of the unloading (click on picture for gallery)

its here already 001



Have you wanted to get some hard to get NOS Bally/Williams, Capcom and Alvin G parts and can’t find them well look no further.

Pinballspareparts (PSP) is pleased to announce that they have just purchased a large amount of pinball NOS parts

and that the first container is on the water and on the way to Australia already , with more to follow shortly

stayed tuned for more updates on here

Pinballspareparts would also like to thank IPB for giving them the opportunity to be part of the biggest thing to happen in the pinball industry for 10 years

Pictures of the visit can be seen here. Click on picture for more

usa trip 16.05.09 205

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We have added a new page to highlight the auctions we have on Ebay.

This will highlight the pinballs and show more pictures than what is on Ebay.

There is also a link to the auction below the picture.

So click on the picture to see more pictures and click on the Ebay symbol to go to the auction.



Bushfire Meet & Greet held 21st Feb 2009

We held a Meet & Greet get together at our factory on the 21st Feb 2009 with the aim to raise moiney for the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

The function was well attended and I believe a great time was had by all.

We raised a total of just under $2300 for the appeal by asking for donations for entry, sausage sizzle, drinks and a couple of raffles.

We thank all that attended and we thank them for there generosity with the door donations.

We apologize to the people that we had to disappoint by not having any sales that day but it was all about raising money and not sales.

I’d also like to thank the staff at Child and the other people that contributed there time and goods to help make this day a success.


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Playfields Update 8th Feb 2009

we have fitted one new MB playfield so far

Andrew found NO problems with the T nuts

some holes for the post weren't as deep as needed and had to be drilled a small bit

but rather this than be too long and have to re fill

overall a good and easy playfield to install

Click on the pic to see some of the install

MB  with new playfield 003


PlayFields Update 29th Jan 2009

The Playfields are in the factory and are being unpacked so anyone that has ordered these should contact Mark to get the final pricing and organize delivery.

Please note the coin door in a couple of pics we also got in some original Williams coin doors in the shipment. Marks has pricing of those and yes they are original Williams coin doors. or by phone 0397206422

playfields  r us 001a



Ebay Update 27th Jan 2009

Here are some backglasses going on Ebay today

backglasses 27.01.09 001backglasses 27.01.09 002

backglasses 27.01.09 003backglasses 27.01.09 004

backglasses 27.01.09 005backglasses 27.01.09 006

backglasses 27.01.09 007backglasses 27.01.09 008

backglasses 27.01.09 009backglasses 27.01.09 010

backglasses 27.01.09 011backglasses 27.01.09 012


Playfield Update 26th Jan 2009

This is an update for all who have ordered playfields from USA

We have received the import paper paperwork and the playfields are in Melbourne.

They will be delivered to the factory in the next day or so.

Contact Mark for details if you have ordered one of these.


Here is a sneak preview of some back glasses we have that are going to find their way to Ebay bit by bit. I received these pictures a little while ago but have been slack and not put them up here. I don’t know what exactly is left but here they all are...

back glass 042Click picture for gallery


These three have just hit Ebay. Sorry about the first one cracking looks like marks coffee struck again. Imagine drinking that stuff if it does that to a back glass

baclglass 001baclglass 003

baclglass 004baclglass 005

baclglass 006baclglass 007


Just a quick note about couple of new items on ebay

New 1 cent start auctions and a Space Invaders playfield

Click pictures for Gallery or click name for ebay page

south park 13.01 003monopoly 13.01 002space invaders playfield 001

South Park Auction

Monopoly Auction

Space Invaders Playfield Auction


Its nearly christmas 2008 only 9 days to go and we have had santa’s container delivered.

Another container filled with many hours of future work and pinny’s that may bring joy to some.

This one was a 40ft one with quite a few drivers in as well as some very nice pinballs.

Click the picture to see the unloading and see if you can spot any “goodies” that are of interest.

container day 002

We have two things to be grateful for...First and most happiest is that MARK DID NOT MAKE COFFEE....yayyyyyyyyyyy and we tried a new photographer...

Let us know what you think about the new photos...unfortunately for all there are more pics of I apologise for that don’t want to damage your eyesight




Well it arrived, a couple days late, and it unloaded we will be unpacking over the next few days to see how they look.

Pay no mind to the fat guy in the maroon shirt he is just there to make it look like he does something but we all have to be thankful Mark didn’t have time to make coffee.

Just a few pictures of the unloading and lined up in factory. Click on picture.

contianer day 23.10.08 002


Its nearly container time again. We have one arriving on the 19th/20th and here is a list of whats going to be in it.

Addams Family


Cueball Wizard

Addams Family

Demolition Man


Creatures from the Black Lagoon

Demolition Man


Indiana Jones

Star Trek DE


Indiana Jones

Star Wars

Last Action Hero

Judge Dredd


Last Action Hero



OO7 Goldeneye

Scared Stiff

No Fear

Gilligan's Island

Scared Stiff

World Cup Soccer 94

Lethal Weapon 3

South Park

World Cup Soccer 94

X Files

Star Trek Next Gen

World Cup Soccer 94

Monster Bash

Theatre of Magic



Roadshow (parts)

Rocky and Bullwinkle