Side Art

We are able to source and fit, if you require, side art for many pinball machines.

Contact us with your requirements and we will check availability and pricing and we will get back to you with a quote for both fitted and unfitted.

If you already own side art and wish it to be fitted we quote you just on the fitting.

This Side Art is sourced from several sources both local and overseas. Some places that Side Art can be purchased, or viewed, are Pinball Factory, Marco and Bay Area see their web sites for additional Side Art and availability

Indianna Jones

Fish Tales

Revenge from Mars



Circus Volatire

Medieval Madness


See start to finish how we decal a Attack From Mars

Disclaimer....we are not the most perfect workers but we do try.

Everyone will have different ideas how this should be done and the way we do it is not perfect.

The pictures are just to show how much work is involved and how labour intensive it is. We hope you find them interesting.

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For a look at the finished product click Page here or Gallery here