Our Pinballs are available in several different levels of refurbishment. These levels all afford different price levels


Basic refurbishment involves us stripping the playfield cleaning, replacing all required rubbers and burnt globes, installing the latest software rom and ensuring all features of pinball play function. There may be some cracked or broken plastics and some playfield wear. All pinballs are available for inspection prior to any sale and we recommend that you inspect any pinball that you intend to buy whether it is from us or any other seller. This is our standard pricing model.


This level includes the basic tasks as well as replacing broken plastics and ramps etc. This level pricing will be at an additional cost to the standard pricing.


This includes Basic and Advanced and entails cabinet refurbishment and extras as requested by the purchaser. The pricing for this level would incur additional detailed pricing These prices are available once the details of any extras are decided. This can include replacing cabinet decals, gold finishes to rails and legs as well as new playfield overlays

Do it yourself machines

We also can supply pinballs that you can repair and refurbish your self please contact us to find out what is currently available and our special pricing for them

Extreme Makeover...(requested by customer)

This is special customer request...... that we we do an extreme makeover for their Twilight Zone Pinball.

We have replaced the side and header art and replaced many many parts on the pinball.

Please note the beautiful “Barbie” legs (ughhhhh not my cup of tea)

List of parts replaced is here....LIST...slack parts not there yet

Side Art Replacement

Parts Replacement

Finished Product...(YAYYY finished)